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May 22 Cover 438 x 438Diabetes Management Journal May 2022

  • Non-insulin Medications
  • Diabetes & hearing loss -implications for general practice
  • Bolus Calculator Apps - simplify dosing & reduce errors
  • Reality Check: De-prescribing medication for T2D
  • Patient Point of View: Well meant - but a harmful influence
  • PULL OUT FOR PEOPLE WITH T2D: All you need to know about carbs
  • PLUS: An end to pricks?, New-onset COVID diabetes remission, SGLT2 inhibitors increase DKA risk, Sleep deprivation increases abdominal fat, Remote management of people – within hospital, Psoriatic arthritis associated with diabetes, Ultrasound treatment of diabetes, Inadequate diabetes management – trending harm


Feb 22 Cover 438 x 438Diabetes Management Journal February 2022

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring - a review
  • COVID-19 & Diabetes - a practical guide to management
  • Exercise is Medicine - the latest evidence & a framework to incorporate in a management plan
  • Faecal Microbiota Transplantation - Paradigm shift or a load of crap?
  • Reality Check - a GP discovers there's nothing like experiential learning to grow compassion and understanding
  • Food Stuff: OzDAFNE - the dose adjustment education program with evidence for improved biomedical and psychosocial outcomes.
  • PLUS: TGA approves pills for COVID-19, A century of insulin, Statins may aggravate diabetes, Children and youth risk diabetes after COVID-19, Contradictions in Galectin-1, People with T2D less likely to perceive Atrial Fibrillation, First Nations youth with T2D in the Hot North


Nov 21 Cover 438 x 438Diabetes Management Journal November 2021

  • Risky Business - managing unsafe behaviour and mental health in young people with T1D
  • Pull Out - Advice for young people with T1D
  • The Liver Disease Link - and the consequences for clinical management
  • Polypill puzzle - evidence-based review of how fixed-dose combinations fit in the diabetes armamentarium
  • Monogenic Diabetes - how to diagnose and treat these clinically significant types of diabetes
  • Reality Check - Dr Gary Deed discusses the changes to they care and support people need with the onset of complications
  • Patient Point of View: Scarlett describes how she breaks the rules to optimise her T1D management
  • Food Stuff: Disordered eating in T2D - how to identify, assess and provide appropriate referals
  • PLUS:DKA in T2D: pandemic increase, Hook worms may not be all bad, The dangers of sitting, Grim Figures - diabetes and COVID19


Aug 21 Cover 438 x 438Diabetes Management Journal August 2021

  • Diabetes Remission - an evidence-based review
  • GLP-1 Receptor Agonists - the benefits and challenges for the management of T2D
  • Oral health and diabetes - the bi-directional link
  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis in children with new T1D - don't miss it!
  • Reality Check: Chasing unicorns in general practice
  • Food Stuff: Caring for people with T1D and eating disorders or disordered eating
  • PLUS: Sever hypos in T1D & mid-life cognitive impairment, PPIs reduce HbA1c - maybe - a little, Tai Chi for people with central obesity, Are SGLT2 inhibitors renoprotective? Lower bone density in youth with T1D, Lethal mucormycosis upsurge in India associated with COVID - look out - we might just start seeing it in Australia.


May 21 Cover 438 x 438Diabetes Management Journal May 2021

  • Diabetes and vascular dementia - prevention & management
  • COVID-related distress & diabetes - practical tips, resources, when to manage and when to refer
  • Stepping out with apps - evidence-based guide to recommending physical activity apps
  • How to help people with diabetes and schizophrenia
  • Reality Check:T2D and obesity - a psychologist's perspective
  • Patient Point of View: Sometimes diabetes isn't caused by overeating and lack of exercise
  • Food Stuff: Are low carb diets really the holy grail? An evidence based review
  • PLUS: Inflammation reduced after 5% weight loss, CVA risk higher in COVID-19, Diabetic foot ulcer hospitalisations accelerating in younger people, Testosterone and diabetes remission, ß-cells work together for islet resilience


Feb 21 Cover 438 x 438Diabetes Management Journal February 2021

  • Avoiding Amputations - most of the 4,000 amputations each year are preventable
  • An evidence-based medical weight loss plan for T2D and prediabetes
  • Clinic pull-outs: Diabetes foot risk stratification and Triage; Active foot disease pathway
  • Diabetes and Rheumatology - the musculoskeletal diseases
  • Using new T2D therapies in general practice
  • Reality Check: A remote diabetes educator & healing through Dadirri
  • Patient Point of View: On GP's approach 'saved her life'
  • Food Stuff: Meal replacement options for weight loss
  • PLUS: LADA exposed by COVID-19 infection, Meta-analysis of low-carb for T2D, $38m for new research centres, Maybe the mitochrondria - Japanese men with T2D, COVID-19: Metformin associated with lower mortality.

 Nov 20 Cover 438 x 438Diabetes Management Journal November 2020

  • The Heart's Performance When Diabetes Is The Puppeteer
  • Research Breakthroughs - the projects seeking to understand, prevent and treat diabetes
  • Gut Microbiome - can changes predict diabetes?
  • Patient Point of View: The motivation to take control of prediabetes
  • Reality Check: Tackling it together - Indigenous Australians with T2D
  • Food Stuff: Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency etiology and dietary management
  • PLUS: Metformin in Pregnancy, One Hundred and Ninety-six Hour Insulin,
    Sleeve Gastrectomy vs Roux-En-Y

Aug 20 Cover 438 x 438Diabetes Management Journal August 2020

  • Diabetic Cheiroarthropathy - important clinical clues to help diagnosis and management
  • Medication Review - the common medicines that affect glycaemic stability
  • Pancreatic Islet Transplantation. What you need to know.
  • Sustained Diabetes Self-Management. The role of peer support.
  • Reality Check: Beyond the gym - exercise options for (almost) every diabetes limitation
  • Food Stuff:  Malnutrition in obesity. Yes! it seems counterintuitive.
  • PLUS: COVID-19 linked to new-onset diabetes, Diabetes Living Evidence - call to provide feedback, new Diabetes Australia/RACGP diabetes handbook, Gestational diabetes - the intergenerational epidemic

May 20 cover 438x438Diabetes Management Journal May 2020

  • Bone Fragility Fractures -The etiology & medication effects
    on bone health in T1D & T2D
  • Complementary Medicines - what you need to ask and how
  • Haemochromatosis - how to diagnose and manage the silent killer
  • Diabetic Gastroparesis: dietary management
  • Managing diabetes and other chronic diseases during a pandemic
  • Point of view -a journey to finding support
  • PLUS: Diabetes & COVID-19: burning questions, the psychological impact, ACE-I’s and ARBs
    GDM ante- & postnatal testing advice; Diabetes Living Evidence update


Diabetes Management Journal February 20 coverDiabetes Management Journal February 2020

  • Skin Deep - dermatologists discuss T1D and T2D
  • Diabetes of the exocrine pancreas - what you need to know
  • Too much medicine - polypharmacy and deprescribing
  • Long-term doctoring - the emotional challenges
  • Coeliac disease & diabetes - gluten-free options
  • Slow exercise: why tai chi?
  • Point of view - diabetes remission at last
  • PLUS: Editor's final reflections, Novel insulin compound, Quit the cigs and gain the weight

Nov 19 coverDiabetes Management Journal November 2019

  • Gestational Diabetes - diagnosing, testing & managing
  • Living Evidence - overcoming outdated diabetes guidelines
  • PULL OUT GUIDE for T2D glucose medication decisions
  • Free Exercise Programs - no gym fees required
  • Residential Aged Care - translating guidelines into practice
  • Reality Check: Managing T2D in group homes
  • Food Stuff: Diabetes & The Gut Microbiome
  • PLUS: The DIRECT trial & diabetes remission, Diabetes inventor paid his dues, Fatty Liver marker not so useful, Intensive glucose management: outcomes 5, 10 and 15 years later.

Aug 19 coverDiabetes Management Journal August 2019

  • Diabetic Kidney Disease - a practical approach
  • How Depression and Anxiety Interact with Diabetes
  • PULL OUT TABLE - The New Injectables for Diabetes
  • Injection Perfection - technique matters for optimal diabetes management
  • Late-onset T1D - more common than you think
  • Reality Check: Why this GP doesn't like Glucose Tolerance Tests
  • Patient Point-of-View: T1D couldn't stop my father Prof. Geoff Harcourt, AC
  • Food Stuff: Non-hungry eating
  • PLUS: Diagnosing diabetes in Australian general practice, Proteinuria or retinopathy? Worry about amputation, An extraordinary legal precedent.

Diabetes Management Journal May 2019 edition coverDiabetes Management Journal May 2019

  • The Older Person - diabetes management tips
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring - what you need to know
  • DIY Pancreas - staying one loop ahead of the regulators
  • High-Intensity Interval Training - rethinking an old idea
  • Blood Pressure - new evidence, new targets
  • Patient Point of View: The GP with T1D who built his own loop
  • Food Stuff:  A peek inside our dietitian's toolkit
  • PLUS: Proactive diabetes hospital admissions,
    Is vitamin C a hypoglycaemic?, Insulin - pump or injections in kids?


Diabetes Management Journal February 19 Edition coverDiabetes Management Journal February 2019

  • Obesity Management - a quintessentially GP issue.
  • Diabetes on Steroids - why corticosteroids are bad and what do do about it.
  • Annual Diabetes Checks - a (very) practical guide.
  • Self Monitoring in T2D - it seems obvious - but it's not.
  • Managing Sick Days - a pull-out guide to managing diabetes during illness
  • Ketogenic Diets - where's the evidence in diabetes?
  • Reality Check - an island, a rural town and a mega-city
  • PLUS: Addison's disease in T1D, Gestational diabetes threshold questioned,
    Reducing diabetes-related vision loss, Patient point-of-view


 Nov18 coverDiabetes Management Journal November 2018

  • Cardiovascular screening - can we look too hard?
  • Preventing heart attacks - the list of interventions that actually work.
  • Polycystic Ovaries - authors of the new guideline talk diabetes management.
  • New diabetes medications - which T2D agents prevent cardiovascular deaths?
  • Fit for it - the 'HANDI' guide to exercising with cardiovascular disease.
  • Making 'adherence' irrelevant - why won't we take our medicine?
  • Reality Check - overweight Aussie kids.
  • 'I had a baby one week, a heart attack the next'.
  • Plus: Sugar wars - more tax anyone?, The hot water balloon 'diabetes cure', Diabulimia: withholding insulin to lose weight, Are chairs making us sick?


Diabetes Management Journal August 2018Diabetes Management Journal August 2018

  • Starting Insulin - How to prescribe those first few doses
  • Managing Hypoglycaemia - get out of trouble fast
  • Exercising safely on Insulin
  • Chaos! A GP's approach to helping vulnerable people
  • Poverty & Diabetes - Tailoring medical management to human circumstance
  • Fear the Lows - How fear of hypos changed one mother's life
  • It's Artificial - Are sugar substitutes healthy?
  • Plus: TGA Warning - SGLT2s & euglycaemic ketoacidosis, Supplements - oils ain't oils!, Deep brain stimulation improves diabetes, Preserve Sight Program


Diabetes Management Journal May 2018 cover

Diabetes Management Journal May 2018

  • Surgical Weight Loss - Expensive, risky...but probably worth it.
  • T2D Medication Overview - the independent evidence behind every medication
  • PULL OUT (PRINT OFF) chart - Hypoglycaemics at a glance
  • Cheap Eats - nutritious meals on a shoestring budget
  • Unashamedly Metformin - 60 years old and still kicking goals
  • Diabetes in the Immigrant Population - A GP reflects
  • It's Complicated - Exercise doesn't stop when diabetes complications start
  • The Day My Stomach Shrank - being on the receiving end of bariatric surgery is no picnic
  • Plus: GLP-1 and SGLT-2 are A-OK, The artificial pancreas - still room for improvement, Diabetes group support on Facebook, A night owl's lament


Diabetes Management Journal February 2018 coverDiabetes Management Journal February 2018

  • Practical Management of Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Sleep Apnoea & Diabetes -the association is more than just obesity
  • Smart Meters - what makes some smarter than others?
  • The 5:2 Question - Do fasting diets help diabetes?
  • My Brush with Blindness - a patient's point of view
  • A GP's approach to diabetes in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Pre-Pregnancy Planning - preparation makes all the difference
  • Getting Off the Couch - how to move the hard-to-motivate
  • Plus: Remarkable results from GP-led diet, Cataracts twice as common with diabetes, Shakeup for diabetes tests, Too many big babies? Psychological glucose treatment?


Diabetes Management Journal September 2017 coverDiabetes Management Journal September 2017

  • The Facts Behind the Artificial Pancreas
  • Diabetes and Emotional Health - an extract from the new NDSS handbook
  • Plant-Based Diets - the evidence supporting the benefits of weight loss
  • Sarcopenia - The relationship between diabetes and muscle mass, strength and performance
  • How To Incorporate a Diabetes Educator into a GP Practice
  • Living with a Smart Pump - a patient's point of view
  • Plus: The impact of hypos, Imatinib may slow new-onset T1D, Risk of diabetic ketoacidosis after initiation of an SGLT2 inhibitor, Glycaemic control and weight loss with semaglutide in T2D, The NADC support for GPs explained



 Diabetes Management Journal June 2017 coverDiabetes Management Journal June 2017

  • Managing Diabetic Foot Syndrome
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring - the technology and NDSS eligibility criteria explained
  • Bread & Weight Loss - A dietetic review
  • Ramadan: Fasting & Feasting - Diabetes implications and clinical management
  • A GP's perspective - wholistic diabetes care
  • Tech & Apps - help for silver surfers managing their diabetes
  • Too busy for diabetes - a patient's point of view
  • Running on Empty - T2D exercise is not a one size fits all